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Why Choose Life's 12 Week Challenge

Life’s Weight loss challenge is tailored to YOUR needs and easy to follow. Find out HOW below

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How it Work's

-Once subscribed you will receive a specific plan tailored to YOUR needs.
This will include an eating plan and cardio routine to help speed up your metabolism.

-You will be closely tracked and things may be altered from week to week to ensure you achieve your desired results.

-A daily meal planner and weekly tracker will be provided to ensure you and your coach keep you on the right path every step of the way.

-Videos and other resources will be updated to our Facebook page to keep you motivated.

How do I meet fellow 12 weeker's

We want you in our 12 Week Transformation community. You will be invited to our online Facebook group.

What If I need Help?

No question is silly only the ones not asked. Our expert team are only and email away.
Feel free to get in touch anytime
Email: life@mymelbournechiropractor.com.au