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Do you:

– Want to perform as the best athlete you possibly can?

– Want to shed body fat and build muscle?

– Ever find yourself tanking in your workouts?

– Feel fatigued and tired during the day?

– Get sick easily?

– Struggle to get good sleep?

– Worry about injuring yourself during workouts?

– Want to know how to fuel your body to get the most out of it?

– Want to learn to CREATE extraordinary health and performance, rather than using the usual quick-fix ‘bandaid’ solutions?

The Life Chiropractic Studio Crossfit Performance & Recovery Kit teaches you the most vital (but most neglected) pillars of performance and recovery.

You will get instant access to:
1. The COMPLETE Primal Sleep School Seminar Series and Primal Sleep Kit: 17 Steps to perfect sleep for Crossfit athletes

Ellie’s Primal Sleep School Program includes a 5-part recorded webinar series, the Primal Sleep Kit ebook and the Primal Sleep School Cheat Sheets.

You will learn:

  • 17 Steps to engineering the perfect night’s sleep
  • The key role sleep plays in hormone regulation – particularly your hunger hormones, repair hormones and inflammation
  • How disrupted sleep cycles affect 
  • Recovery time
  • Your ability to burn fat
  • Carb cravings
  • Your performance during workouts
  • Immune function
  • Your concentration and productivity at work
  • and even how fast you age…

2.  Move By Design: 4-part daily mobility program (4-Part Video Series):

  • Primal Patterning
  • Foam rolling
  • Daily joint to joint motion
  • Active mobility

3. Eat By Design Manual, Quick-Start Guide and Cheat Sheets: Learn to eat for your genetic design

You will learn the logical step-by-step formula to eating for your genetic design so you can experience:

  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Perform at your very best
  • Rapid fat loss
  • Bulletproof health

4. Power by design: Optimize your spine and unleash your nervous system

Learn how your spine and nervous system play critical roles in:
  • ​Balance and coordination
  • Performance during workouts
  • Beating nervous system fatigue
  • Athletic performance, 
  • Recovery
  • Immune function
  • Your body’s drive toward health
  • Hormone regulation
      …and the steps you can take to optimize this critical brain body connection. 

PLUS BONUS: 2 X FREE Life By Design Seminar Tickets!

– 2 Free tickets to any one of Life Chiropractic Studio’s Life By Design Seminars


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Dr. Ellie Stockley is a Melbourne Chiropractor and Crossfit trainer passionate about creating extraordinary health in the community. She is Director of Life Chiropractic Studio in Richmond where she teaches people to create extraordinary health in their lives and experience their full potential.