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Let Me Show You How The Life By Design Method And Chiropractic Can Help You...

Spinal Optimisation: Our Style Of Chiropractic

Think of your spine like the foundation for your house...

If the foundation is shifted, imbalanced or damaged some area of the house will show secondary issues – some walls would crack, some doors would break down, and some windows would begin to break down.

How do you a mange this?

One option is to patch up the wall, rehang the doors,  replace the windows and attempt to fix the secondary problems to mask the primary problem.
The other option is addressing the primary problem itself and the root cause.
One is not necessarily ‘better’ than the other, but they achieve different goals long term. 
If you are looking for a quick-fix solution, the best result is probably going to come from consulting a traditional chiropractor. Traditional chiropractors very effectively treat secondary issues to alleviate symptoms or body signals through a range of different techniques.
The other option is to address the underlying primary problem. This is what a Life By Design chiropractor does using BioStructural Restoration.
When you don’t address the underlying structural problem, the secondary problems need to be repaired over and over and over.
A Life By Design Chiropractor looks at structure and nerve system (the wires that run inside your spinal column). The nerve system controls the health of your body. When imbalances and shifting occurs it can put pressure on the nervous system and affect body in ways we know about (these produce symptoms and sometimes pain), but also in ways we have no idea about.
This can be caused by physical, chemical or emotional stressors. Muscles contract locking spinal joints that pinch or irritate nearby nerves. This sets the stage for disease and ill health with your spine, muscles and internal organs. Most spinal shifts are minor and painless and people are unaware of them, or they can be major and hurt very much. They can affect your mobility and the capacity of your muscles and organs to function optimally.
Once the spine and nerve system is optimised, we then teach you specific things to do between visits to keep it that way.
If you’re tired of constantly patching up the problems and are looking for a long term solution that you can both feel and see with objective structural analysis, then BioStructural Restoration and Life By Design is for you.


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