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Meet Dr. Stephen Kirby

Dr Stephen first came across Chiropractic after a motorbike accident, that could have easily killed him, left him injured and unable to train in his beloved sport of powerlifting. 

Since it was stopping him from doing what he loved he began to search leaving no stone unturned. He went to see a chiropractor in Melbourne and it changed his life. 

I knew after the first adjustment I wanted to be a Chiropractor. I was just 19 and at University studying something I was not passionate about. The year after I was enrolled into Chiropractic College. 

Having served as chiropractor for 4 years in Geelong and in country and coastal Queensland he has seen all manner of pain, ache and ailment heal through chiropractic care.

Returning to his home town of Melbourne he is really determined to help change the lives of Melbourians for the better. 

“We are really passionate about what we do at Life Chiropractic studio.  Our own lives have been transformed through chiropractic corrective care             and we have been able to help thousands of people gain a whole new lease on life once their subluxation is removed and their body begins to heal” 

Dr. Stephen Kirby

– Chiropractor

– nlp practitioner certified in timeline therapy ©

-Organ biomechanics practitioner

-Applied Kinesiologist