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Check out our new mobility area! Just like you should exercise because its good for you (not to just prevent heart disease), get adjusted because your spine and nerve system is the centerpiece of your body and needs to be working ALL THE TIME as it controls everything (not just to ‘fix’ back pain), you should also be mobile ALL THE TIME whether you are preventing injury or not! Why? Because your joints are designed to move! Every day! This is why we prescribe a daily mobility program to everyone, to do every day, whether you are healthy or sick, preventing injury or not. Now you can do your mobility and foam rolling in the office after your adjustment!

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Dr. Ellie Stockley is a Melbourne Chiropractor and Crossfit trainer passionate about creating extraordinary health in the community. She is Director of Life Chiropractic Studio in Richmond where she teaches people to create extraordinary health in their lives and experience their full potential.